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Soil & Water Lab
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Soil and Water Group People

Graduate Students in Ithaca, New York

Graduate Students in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Cohort I Bahir Dar University PhD: Fasikaw Atanaw Zemale, Getaneh Kebede, Muluken Lakachew, Mamaru Ayalew Moges, Dessalegn Chanie Dagnew

Cohort II Cornell MPS ongoing: Muhammad Elkamil, Tigist Alumu

Bahir Dar University faculty working on Cornell PhD's: Abeyou Wale Workqlul

Faculty and Research Staff

Tammo S. Steenhuis, Todd Walter, Michael F. Walter, J. Yves Parlange, Gail Holst-Warhaft (adjunct), Larry D. Geohring, Brian K. Richards

Postdoctoral Researchers

Associated Bahir Dar University Faculty (and Cornell Alumni)

Seifu Admassu Tilahun, Essayas Kaba Ayana

Other Important People in Ithaca:

  • Colleagues from Peter Hess's group: Benjamin Brown-Steiner
  • Colleagues from Zach Easton's Virginia Tech group: Dan Fuka
  • Undergraduate Researchers: Bryan Finneran, Meghan Fitzgerald, Selene Leung, Luyan Sun, Rachel Whiteheart, Ryan Anthony, Ian Cary, Bill Wheatle, Jingu Han, and Wenjie Luo.
  • Scientific and Technical Support Staff: Shree Giri (analytical, lab), Steve Pacenka (outreach, computing, lab, field), Doug Caveney (shop)
  • Administrative (Departmental): Jeff Carmichael, Theresa Lagasse, Peggy Stevens
  • Administrative (College and University): Lisa Warner
  • Department chair: Beth Ahner
  • Alumni