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Graduate Students in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia | BEE Department Faculty and Research Staff

Soil & Water Lab Alumni

Graduate Students in Ithaca, New York

Christine Georgakakos
Research Interest: Stream sediment, Phosphorous transport
Christine Georgakakos Bahareh Hasanpoor Bahareh Hassanpour Guilvaiee
Research Interest: Water Quality
James Knighton
Research Interest: Hydrologic Modeling
James Knighton Liz Kreitinger Liz Kreitinger
Research Interest:Ecohydrology
Sol Lisboa
Research Interest:Water Quality
Sol Lisboa Erin Menzies Erin Menzies
Research Interest:Nutrient Pollution
Daniela Rosero
Research Interest: Ecohydrology
Daniela Rosero Lopez Mahnaz Sepehrmanesh Mahnaz Sepehrmanesh
Research Interest:
Kanishka Singh
Research Interest:
Kanishka Singh

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Susan Cheng
Researcher with Dr. Peter Hess
& Dr. Christine Goodale
Susan Cheng

Researchers, Scientific and Technical Support Staff

Karl Pendleton
Research Shop Supervisor
Photo Unavailable Shree Giri Shree Giri
Research Associate
Steve Pacenka
Research Support Specialist
Steve Pacenka Brian Richards Brian Richards
Senior Research Associate


M. Todd Walter
Todd Walter Tammo Steenhuis Tammo Steenhuis
Larry Geohring
Sr Extension Associate
Larry Geohring Michael Walter Michael Walter
Professor Emeritus
Jean-Yves Parlange
Professor Emeritus
Jean-Yves Parlange