Biological & Environmental Engineering
Soil & Water Lab
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Courses Related to Soil and Water Hydrology

Biological and Environmental Engineering (Taught mostly by faculty associated with the Soil and Water Lab)

BEE 371: Hydrology and the Environment
BEE 427: Water Sampling and Measurement
BEE 471: Geohydrology
BEE 473: Watershed Engineering
BEE 474: Irrigation and Drainage
BEE 655: Thermodynamics and Its Applications
BEE 671: Analysis of the Flow of Water and Chemicals in Soil
BEE 472: Drainage
BEE 674: Ecohydrology
BEE 664: Seminar on Sustainable Bioenergy Production on Marginal Lands
BEE 754: Watershed Managment

Other Related Water Resources, Ecology, and Ecological Engineering Courses

Biological and Environmental Engineering
BEE 350: Environmental Transport
BEE 478: Ecological Engineering
BEE 678: NPS Modeling

Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 331: Fluid Mechanics
CEE 332: Hydraulic Engineering
CEE 351: Environmental Quality Engineering
CEE 352: Water Supply Engineering
CEE 437: Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
CEE 453: Lab Research in Environmental Engineering
CEE 529: Water and Environmental Policy
CEE 620: Water Resource Engineering
CEE 621: Stochastic Hydrology
CEE 630: Advanced Fluid Mechanics
CEE 636: Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CEE 632: Hydrology
CEE 633: Porous Media Flow
CEE 634: Boundary Layer Meterology
CEE 653: Water Chemistry
CEE 655: Chemical/Pollutant Transport in the Environment

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
EAS 101: Geology
EAS 132: Meterology
EAS 260: Soils
EAS 315: Geomorphology
EAS 321: Biogeochemistry
EAS 331: Climate Dynamics
EAS 447: Physical Meterology

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
BIOEE 456: Stream Ecology
BIOEE 457: Ecology of Lakes