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Soil and Water Lab Mission:
Improving our understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes related to water flow in the landscape.

Tammo 2012

The Soil and Water Lab is a dynamic and innovative research group in Cornell University's department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. Its broad mission is to improve the understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes related to water flow with the ultimate goal of improving and protecting water resources and ecological systems throughout the world and in socially conscious ways. While special emphasis is given to the Northeastern U.S., where the lab's primary infrastructure is, we also work around the world including several projects in developing countries.

Research spans spatial scales from molecules to continents, with particular emphasis at hillslope and watershed scales. The group's work is largely interdisciplinary with colleagues in ecology, microbiology, atmospheric sciences, soil science, and other biogeosciences as well as social sciences and economics. The Soil and Water Lab considers the spectrum of basic and applied research questions and is committed to developing water resources tools are scientifically valid and useable within the appropriate environmental, social, and economic contexts. Students graduating from the program are expected to be effective critical thinkers, socially conscious, and professionally and personally successful.

The lab's primary facilities are on the Cornell Campus in Riley Robb Hall and consist of fully equipped wet labs with a suite of chemical analysis capabilities; a local computer network with GIS and a full suite of computational software; various soil sampling and analysis equipment; office and common areas; two large, versatile experimental spaces (with rain simulators); and a large array of field equipment. The lab also maintains one vehicle (truck).