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Pesticides in Upstate New York's Ground Water:
Wayne County

Wayne location in New York

(A project report to be prepared in 2010.)

Wayne County has one of the highest GUS-weighted pesticide use intensity scores in New York (see overview maps.)

Most of Wayne County is very sparsely populated. Its landscape from ground or air (see below) is dominated by fruit trees, notably apples. Wayne County's water supply is largely from ground water, though some of its more populated southern areas are able to draw from the Finger Lakes and the suburbanized western end of the county draws from Lake Ontario via connections to Monroe County.

The County Soil and Water Conservation District is collaborating in this effort, providing local insight, recommending candidate private well sites, and carrying out sample collection.

The county SWCD finished sampling in early 2010, and sample analysis at Cornell and DEC is partially completed as of June 2010.

Aerial view of fruit farms near Sodus Bay
Aerial view of fruit farms near Sodus Bay


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