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Pesticides in Upstate New York's Ground Water:

County Technical Reports (Adobe Acrobat® Reader® PDF format)

Journal Papers (PDF)

Sinkevich Jr., M.G., M.T. Walter, A.J. Lembo Jr., B.K. Richards, N. Peraginangin, S.A. Aburime, T.S. Steenhuis. 2005. A GIS-Based Ground Water Contamination Risk Assessment Tool for Pesticides. Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation 25 (4):82-91. full text as PDF, [pending: leaching model spreadsheet based on this paper]

Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint® format)


Pending: ESRI ArcGIS™ files for statewide pesticide use maps including GUS weighting.

Please note that we do not disclose the specific locations of sampled wells to protect landowner confidentiality.


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