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Integrated Watershed Management Students at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Cohort I Bahir Dar University PhD 2012 Active Students

Fasikaw Atanaw Zemale, Getaneh Kebede, Muluken Lakachew,
Mamaru Ayalew Moges, Dessalegn Chanie Dagnew

Cohort II Cornell University MPS 2010-2012 Students

Bezawit Adana
Bezawit Adana Birara Chekol Tarekign Birara Chekol Tarekign
Dessalegn Chanie Dagnew
(now BDU PhD)
Dessalegn Chanie Dagnew Dessalew Worku Dessalew Worku
Getachew Ewonetu
Getachew Ewonetu Getahneh Kebebe Getahneh Kebede
(now BDU PhD)
Hasbtamu Addis
Hasbtanu Addis Melisew Misker Melisew Misker
Meseret Belachew
Meseret Belachew Muhammad Elkamil Muhammad Elkamil (active 2013)
Tadesse Gasahaw
Tadesse Gasawah Tigist Alumu Tigist Alumu (active 2013)
Tigist Assafa
Tigist Assafa Zemenu Awoke Zemenu Awoke

Cohort I Cornell University MPS 2009 Alumni

Abrham M. Edalamaw
Abrham M. Edalamaw Haimanote K. Bayabil Haimanote K. Bayabil
Plant Science
(now Cornell PhD)
Aemiro G. Kassa
Hydraulic engineering
Aemiro G. Kassa Hussien A. Oumer Hussien A. Oumer
Anteneh Z. Abiy
Applied Geology
Anteneh Z. Abiy Tegegne M. Tarekegne Tegegne M. Tarekegne
Hydraulic engineering
Aschalew D. Tigab
Agricultural extension
Aschalew D. Tigab Tegenu A. Engda Tegenu A. Engda
Soil & water conservation
Assefa D. Zegeye
(now Cornell PhD)
Assefa D. Zegeye Tenagne A. Wondie Tenagne A. Wondie
Hydraulic engineering
Biniam B. Ashagre
Civil engineering
Biniam B. Ashagre Tesfaye H. Demeke Tesfaye H. Demeke
Agricultural engineering
Elias S. Leggesse
Hydraulic engineering
Elias S. Leggesse Tigist Y. Tebebu Tigist Y. Tebebu
Soil & water conservation
(now Cornell PhD)
Emebet G. Negash*
Social science
Emebet G. Negash Tilashwork C. Alemie Tilashwork C. Alemie
Plant production
Fikru A. Mengstie
Agricultural Economics
Fikru A. Mengstie Yidnakachew E. Ayalew Yidnakachew E. Ayalew
Resource Economics
Habtamu T. Kassahun
Habtamu T. Kassahun Zelalem K. Tesemma Zelalem K. Tesemma
Water resource engineering

* Emebet Negash was killed in a minibus accident on the way to Addis Ababa. She was one of the program's most intelligent and dynamic students. Her missing smiling face, full of hope, was a constant reminder of this tragic loss for those remaining.

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