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Members of the Soil and Water Lab have conducted a number of research projects related to VSA Hydrology, the results of which are grouped by subject below:

Our Most Recent VSA Hydrology Publications

Water Quality: Pollutant Transport from Saturated Source Areas

Diess et al 2004
Gao et al 2004
Gerard-Merchant et al 2004
Gao et al 2003
Klein et al 2001
Scott et al 2001
Walter et al 2001b
Scott et al 1998
Hou et al 1996
Xin 1996

Hillslope and VSA Hydrology

Walter and Ostman 2004
Walter et al 2002b
Salmon et al 2001
Steenhuis et al 1995
Parlange et al 1986
Steenhuis et al 1986

Management Practices and Watershed Planning

Agnew et al 2004
Lyon et al 2004b
Walter et al 2001a
Boll et al 2001
Walter et al 2000
Walter and Walter 1999
Frankenberger 1996
Frankenberger and Walter 1996
Rossing and Walter 1995
Walter et al 1979

Modeling VSA Hydrology

Lyon et al 2004s
Mehta et al 2004
Walter et al 2002a
Brooks et al 2000
Frankenberger et al 1999
Kuo et al 1999
Boll et al 1998
Kim and Steenhuis 1998, 2001
Zollweg et al 1996
Steenhuis et al 1995
Zollweg 1994
Rossing et al 1993

As a result of this research, we've also developed models to study the interaction between runoff events and VSA hydrology:

Most Recent VSA Hydrology Research Publications

Agnew, L.J., S. Lyon, P. Gerard-Marchant, V.B. Collins, A.J. Lembo, T.S. Steenhuis, M.T. Walter. 2006. Identifying hydrologically sensitive areas: Bridging the gap between science and application. Journal of Environmental Management 78(2006):63-76.

Lyon, S.W., A.J. Lembo, M. T. Walter, T.S. Steenhuis. 2006. Defining probability of saturation with indicator kriging on hard and soft data. Advances in Water Resources 29(2006):181-193.

Lyon, S.W., J. Seibert, A.J. Lembo, M.T. Walter, T.S. Steenhuis. 2006. Geostatistical investigation into the temporal evolution of spatial structure in a shallow water table. Hydrol. Earth Sys. Sci. 10: 113-125. full text

Lyon, S.W., M. McHale, M.T. Walter, T.S. Steenhuis. 2006. Effect of runoff generation mechanism on estimating land use control of P concentrations. J. Am. Water. Resour. Assoc. (in press).


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