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SWL REU Students

Research Experience for Undergraduates - Summer 2004

Tom Batroney mail Summer runoff mechanisms in the Catskills: A field study
Peter Burns mail SMDR: Is a user-friendly, windows-based version possible?
Rosemarie Fehrman mail How surfactants influence colloid retension, water film thickness, and contact angles in unsaturated media
Paul Jawlik mail Suspended solids removal from urban stormwater runoff
Poonam Joshi mail Phosphorus removal from milkhouse wastewater using fly ash and wollastonite
Elan Margulies mail Summer soil moisture in the Catskills: An investigation of topographic controls
Andrew Neal mail Incorporating VSA hydrology into popular water quality models
Jeff Walker mail Investigating the role of infiltration on soil erosion with a simple experiment
Kimberly Zubris mail Synthetic fibers as an indicator of land application of sludge

Tom Batroney

School: Wilkes University
Research Project: Chemical tracery study of hillslopes in Catskills.

Peter Burns

School: Cornell University
Research Project:
Developing a user-interface for the existing C++ version of the SMdR model.

Rosemarie Fehrman

School: Cornell University
Research Project:
Colloid movement in unsaturated media.

Paul Jawlik

School: Columbia University
Research Project: Brownian and shear coagulation, sedimentation filtration and other treatment techniques for urban stormwater originating from elevated transportation media.

Poonam Joshi

School: Michigan State University
Research Project:
Phosphorus removal from the milkhouse wastewater using flyash and wollastonite.

Elan Margulies

School: Cornell University
Research Project:
Measure variables of topographic index, such as land use; Varification of soil moisture test.

Andrew Neal

School: Cornell University
Research Project:
Developing a land use and topography based distribution method for runoff modeling in GWLF.

Jeff Walker

School: Cornell University
Research Project:
Comparison of soil erosion with and without infiltration and phosphorus dynamics during soil erosion simulations.

Kimberly Zubris

School: Lehigh University
Research Project:
Synthetic fibers as a marker of land applications.



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