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Sol Lisboa

Office: B62 Riley Robb Hall
Advisor: Todd Walter
Degree Program: MS


I obtained my bachelor's degree in Natural Resources in 2010, which included an undergraduate thesis about the influences of meteorological parameters on landslides occurrence in the Aconcagua Park, Argentina. After graduation I joined the Anaerobic Digestion Lab at University of Maryland as a research intern investigating for a year manure co-digestion substrates for biogas production and waste water treatment. Once back in Argentina, I worked in environmental consultancy in different projects related to the oil and energy sector. After several years working in the private sector, I decided to shift my career and return to academia. In 2015, through a Fulbright scholarship co-funded with the Argentinian Government, I joined the Soil and Water Lab at Cornell.

My Current Research Projects and Interests

My current research focus is in the Owasco Lake watershed, identifying and quantifying the sources of phosphorus in the lake, and how differential sources affects water quality of the lake and its tributaries. I am broadly interested in nutrient pollution and land use change impact on water resources quality.