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Rebecca Marjerison

Phone: 607-255-4992
Office: B62 Riley Robb Hall
Advisor: Todd Walter
Degree Program: PhD


I grew up all around the Northwest U.S., including Montana, Idaho, and Alaska. I graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science from University of Alaska Southeast in 2003. I worked for Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation for a couple of years in the Spill Prevention and Response group. In 2007 I came to Cornell, and in 2009 I received an M.S. in Biological and Environmental Engineering.

My Current Research Projects and Interests

Currently Iím working on a project with meteorologists at Cornell. We are studying the atmospheric and hydrologic conditions of flash floods in the Northeast U.S.


I like to knit and sew in the winter, garden and play outside in the summer, and brew beer year-round.


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