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Natalie Morse, Engineering Intern

Phone: 607-255-4992
Office: B62 Riley Robb Hall
Advisor: Todd Walter
Degree Program: PhD


B.S. Michigan State University - Biological Engineering 2010
M.S. North Carolina State University - Biological Engineering 2012

Natalie joined the Soil & Water Lab in 2014, and was previously employed with an environmental consulting firm in Asheville, NC. She obtained her M.S. from North Carolina State University, where she worked with Dr. Bill Hunt on soil carbon sequestration in stormwater control measures. Her current research interests are urban water management, nitrogen pollution, and soil microbial dynamics. Natalie is a trainee within the NSF Integrated Graduate Research and Training Cross-Scale Biogeochemistry and Climate (IGERT-CSBC) program.

Current Research Projects and Interests:

urban stormwater management; nitrogen cycling, soil microbiome