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Katy Hofmeister

Phone: 607-255-4992
Office: B62 Riley Robb Hall
Advisor: Todd Walter
Degree Program: MS/PhD


Katy joined the Soil and Water Lab in 2013 to study surface hydrology patterns. Katy received her Bachelors of Arts from Hampshire College in 2013 after completing an individualized program focused around the intersections of hydrology, ecology, and education. Katy is passionate about sharing scientific findings with the broader community, and has extensive experience engaging children in exploring and understanding their environment. She wants to combine her enthusiasm for scientific research with her interest in community involvement and education.

Current Research Projects and Interests

Katy is interested in how water moves through a watershed and how changes to the landscape and climate influence water movement and quality. Katy has conducted research in agricultural areas to identify runoff generating areas, improve land management, and reduce nonpoint source pollution. Currently, she is studying water movement, storage, interaction with soil, and quality in forested headwater watersheds in northern Michigan. Katy is incorporating community science into her research and is excited about water-based environmental education and outreach.