Name Year Degree Topic Advisor Current/subsequent position
Sheila Saia 2017 Ph.D. MT Walter ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow, US Forest Service
Allison Truhlar 2017 Ph.D. MT Walter Lecturer & Postdoctoral Researcher, Cornell University
Srabani Das 2017 Ph.D. MF Walter
Zhen Han 2016 Ph.D. Impact of ecologically based nutrient management strategies on N2O emissions from grain cropping systems MT Walter & L Drinkwater Senior Program Associate, American Carbon Registry
Lauren McPhillips 2016 Ph.D. Nutrient cycling hotspots in suburban watersheds MT Walter Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Arizona
Cedric Mason 2016 Ph.D. Quantification and characterization of measured nitrous oxide emission from perennial grasses  Steenhuis
Christian Guzman 2016 Ph.D. Investigating soil erosion and soil conservation in tropical (sub) humid highlands : findings from Debre Mawi, Ethiopia  Steenhuis Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington
Haimanote Bayabil 2015 Ph.D. Hydrological and erosion processes in the Ethiopian highlands  Steenhuis Postdoctoral Researcher, Prairie View A&M University
Abeyou Wale Worqlul 2015 Ph.D. Application of remote sensing data to complement hydrologic modelling, the Upper Blue Nile Basin  Steenhuis Postdoctoral Research, Texas A&M University
Chaozi Wang 2015 Ph.D. Escherichia coli transport modeling at soil column scale and watershed scale MT Walter Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Davis
Alina Alam 2015 M.Eng. Understanding the changes in the River Ravi Basin, after the creation of the Indus Water Treaty MF Walter
Christine Georgakakos 2015 M.Eng. Phosphorus and Sediment Transport in Sixmile Creek and Cayuga Inlet MT Walter PhD Student, Cornell University
Rachael Brooks 2015 M.Eng. Hinman Swamp Restoration, Schuyler County, NY  MT Walter Civil Engineer, Seattle City Light
Josephine Archibald 2015 Ph.D. Modeling dissolved phosphorus transport from agricultural watersheds in central New York MT Walter Instructor, Seattle University
Rebecca Marjerison 2015 Ph.D. Flash floods in the Northeast United States : interactions between natural and human systems  MT Walter Postdoctoral Researcher, Crop & Soil Sciences, Cornell University
Breann Leibermann 2015 M.Eng. MT Walter Extension Specialist, Clemson University
Paul Herendeen 2014 M.S. Water table fluctuations and runoff generation in three catchment types in a coastal temperate rainforest MT Walter
Asha Sharma 2014 Ph.D. Using Simple Models To Characterize Long-Term Trends And Variability In Regional Hydrology  MT Walter Postdoctoral Researcher, Cornell-Tata Program
Daniel Fuka 2013 Ph.D. Simplifying watershed modeling  Steenhuis Research Associate, Virginia Tech
Brian Buchanan 2013 Ph.D.  Variable source area hydrology, artificial drainage and nonpoint-source pollution in northeastern U.S. agricultural landscapes : field studies, modeling, and a new pollution risk tool  MT Walter Lecturer, Seattle University
Todd Anderson 2013 Ph.D. Denitrification hotspots MT Walter Faculty, Nichols College
Janet Barclay 2013 M.S. Modeling denitrification across an agricultural catchment in a changing climate MT Walter PhD Student, University of Connecticut 
Kyle Delwiche 2012 M.S. Atrazine Leaching from Biochar-Amended Soils MT Walter PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Casey Garland 2012 M.S. SWAT versus Thornthwaite Mather: A study in complexity of distributed hydrology models Steenhuis PhD student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Alisa Royem 2012 Ph.D. Fate and transport of agricultural nutrients in macro-porous soils MT Walter
Xiaoya Cheng 2012 M.S. Improving risk estimates of runoff producing areas: Formulating variable source areas as a bivariate process MT Walter Data Analyst, UC Davis
Sara Storrer 2012 MPS MT Walter
Veronica Morales 2011 Ph.D. Grain surface-roughness effects on colloidal retention in the vadose zone Steenhuis Postdoctoral Researcher, Aberday University
Gemma Kite 2011 M.S. MT Walter Project Officer, Interaide, Sierra Leone 
Rachel Dunn 2011 Ph.D. Perspectives, problems, and pesticides : the discrepancies between institutional and local environmental conservation perspectives in Northern Thailand and the implications for natural resource management model development Steenhuis
Vania Pereira 2011 Visiting Student MT Walter Graduate student,Campinas State University, Brazil
Zachary Easton 2011 Postdoctoral Associate Steenhuis Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech 
Wenhui Hu 2011 Visiting Student
Carla Ferreira 2011 Visiting Student Steenhuis
Wei Zhang 2010 Ph.D. Fate and transport of phosphorus, colloids, and biochar in soils Steenhuis Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Marina Molodovskaya 2010 Ph.D. Emissions of nitrous oxide from agricultural fields in New York State Steenhuis Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia 
Eric White 2010 M.S. Development and application of a physically based landscape water balance in the SWAT model Steenhuis Civil Engineer, Philadelphia Water Department 
Adrian Harpold 2010 Ph.D. Hydrogeomorphological controls on stream chemistry and aquatic biota in the Catskill Mountains, New York State Steenhuis Assistant Professor, University Nevada, Reno
Cecile Theodore 2010 Ph.D. Modelling Hydrological and Bio-chemical Processes in Wetlands. Steenhuis
Ivana Nitzova 2010 M.Eng. MT Walter Consulting engineer
Helen Dahlke 2010 Ph.D. Improved understanding of subsurface hydrology in variable source areas and its implications for water quality Steenhuis Assistant Professor, UC Davis 
Joshua Faulkner 2009 Ph.D. Monitoring and modeling of hydrology and subsurface nutrients within vegetative treatment areas  Steenhuis Extension Engineering Specialist, West Virginia University 
Jens Liebe 2009 Ph.D. Hydrology Of Small Reservoirs In Semi-Arid Northern Ghana Steenhuis Senior Researcher, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn 
Fransisco Flores-Lopez 2009 Ph.D. Soluble phosphorus and nitrate transport by monitoring ground water and stream flow discharges in the New York City source watersheds  Steenhuis Research Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute 
Steve Shaw 2009 Ph.D. Investigating pollutant transport and generation in urban landscapes MT Walter Faculty Research Associate, New York State Water Resources Institute 
Maria Vicenta Valdivia 2009 Ph.D. Role of microbial processes in soil phosphorus dynamics MT Walter
Rustom Meyer 2009 M.Eng. Environmental Nanobiotechnology: Colomn experiments MT Walter Consulting engineer at Cadmus Group / US EPA
Terry Schwarz 2009 MPS Snow drifitng and Alaskan watershed hydrology modeling MT Walter
Wenjing Sang 2009 Visiting Student Steenhuis
David DiCarlo 2009 Postdoctoral Associate Steenhuis Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin 
Veronica Morales 2008 M.S. Grain surface-roughness effects on colloidal retention in the vadose zone Steenhuis
Amy Collick 2008 Ph.D. Community water use in the Yeku Watershed and hydrological modeling in watersheds of the Upper Nile Basin, Northern Ethiopia Steenhuis Assistant Professor, Bahir Dar University
Yuniati Zevi 2008 Ph.D. Transport and retention of colloidal particles in partially saturated pores Steenhuis
Jason Mills 2008 M.Eng. MT Walter Consulting engineer
Benjamin Liu 2008 M.S. Varying hydrologic analyses to match level of available information in Ethiopia Steenhuis
Allison Muehe 2008 M.Eng. Solar Drying of Fish in Uganda MF Walter Engineer, Stearns and Wheler GHD
Brianne Smith 2008 M.Eng. Water treatment design for a community in Hondurus MT Walter Graduate student, Princeton
Shannon Seifert 2008 M.S. MT Walter
Colleen Dougherty 2007 M.Eng. Road salt impacts on Fall Creek salinity MT Walter
Rosemarie Fehrman 2007 M.Eng. Long-term hydrological mass-balance of the Mississippi River watershed MT Walter
Ian Toevs 2007 M.S. Generalized preferential flow model validation using field-scale data Steenhuis
Dilkushi De Alwis 2007 Ph.D. ] Identification of hydrologically active areas in the landscape using satellite imagery Steenhuis IWMI Colombo, Sri Lanka
Joie Taylor 2006 Ph.D. Applications of spectral analysis to hydrology and chemical transport  Steenhuis Faculty, University of Hawaii 
Steve Lyon 2006 Ph.D. Incorporating the spatial structure of shallow water tables into hydrology Steenhuis
Oloro McHugh 2006 Ph.D. Integrated water resources assessment and management in a drought-prone watershed in the Ethiopian Highlands Steenhuis Water and Environmental Functional Manager, SMEC International 
Jennifer Smith 2006 M.S. Colloid transport in porous media : modeling column scale transport with rate constants calculated from pore scale observations MT Walter Environmental Engineer, Malcolm Pirnie 
Joseph Mbugwa 2006 M.P.S. Fruit Processing in Nigeria MF Walter
Joshua Faulkner 2006 M.S./Ph.D. Water use, productivity, and profitability of small scale irrigation schemes in Ghana's upper east region Steenhuis
Rebecca Bladon 2006 Ph.D. Pathways of human exposure to environmental pollutants : critical review of models and supportive data Steenhuis Consultant California
Steve Lyon 2006 Ph.D. Incorporating Spatial Structure of Saturated Areas into
Hydrological Models
Steenhuis Senior Lecturer, Stockholm University 
Bekele Debele 2005 Ph.D. Better insight into water resources management through integrated upland watershed and downsteam waterbody hydrodynamic and water qualtiy models (SWAT & CE-QUAL-W2) Parlange Texas A&M University
Brett Gleitsmann 2005 M.S./Ph.D. Importance of community involvement in the planning and design phases of rural water supply development projects in the Koro Region of Mali, West Africa
Steve Shaw 2005 M.S. Simple, physical model of particulate wash-off from impervious urban surfaces MT Walter Assistant Professor, SUNY ESF 
M. Ekrem Cakmak 2005 Ph.D. Pore Scale Simulation of Colloid Transport using COMSOL-Multiphysics Steenhuis
Sophia Garcia 2005 M.P.S. Steenhuis Assoc. Engr, EH&S, Consolidated Edison
Natlalia Peranginangin 2004 Ph.D. Preferential transport and modeling of pesticides and manure phosphorus in the vadose zone Steenhuis See MS entry
Brett Bovee 2004 M.Eng. Steenhuis
Michael Sinkevich 2004 M.S. GIS-based groundwater contamination risk, assessment tool for pesticides  Steenhuis Associate Lawyer, Lieberman & Blecher, Princeton, NJ
Yuniati Zevi 2004 M.S. Distribution of colloid particles onto interfaces in unsaturated porous media Steenhuis Research Associate, Cornell University
Laura Agnew 2004 M.S. Identifying hydrologically sensitive areas : bridging the gap between science and application Steenhuis USDA-NRCS, Conneautville, PA
Virginia Collins 2004 M.Eng. Steenhuis PhD, SUNY ESF
Timothy Dittrich 2004 M.S. Buffer zone, form, function and design: a review Steenhuis PhD, Univ of Colorado
Bin Gao 2003 Ph.D. Raindrop induced sediment and solute transport from soil to surface runoff Steenhuis Assistant Professor, University of Florida 
Franco Montalto 2003 Ph.D. Modeling and restoration of tidal marsh hydrology in the New York/New Jersey estuary Steenhuis Assistant Professor, Drexel University 
Robert Wells 2003 Ph.D. Wetting and geometry factors affecting a shrink/swell soil : sharkey clay Steenhuis Research Hydraulic Engineer, USDA-ARS 
Joie Taylor 2003 M.S. Watershed management in the Volta River Basin, West Africa : providing information through hydrological modelling Steenhuis
Young-Jin Kim 2003 Ph.D. Phosphorus dynamics in the vegetative filter strip under various field conditions  Steenhuis See MS entry
Shabnam Qureshi 2003 Effect of microbial activity on trace element release from digested/dewatered sewage sludge and metalliferous peat Steenhuis Research Associate University of North Carolina
Cynthia Kou 2003 M.Eng. MF Walter Medical Writer
Roger Yeung 2003 M.Eng. MF Walter
Sylvia Yoo 2003 M.Eng. MF Walter
Annette Dathe 2003 Postdoctoral Associate
John Crist 2002 Ph.D. Pore-scale characterization of colloid transport in the unsaturated zone Steenhuis Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force
Eloise Kendy 2002 Ph.D. Hydrologic impacts of water-management policies on the North China Plain : case of Luancheng County, Hebei Province, 1949-2000 Steenhuis Environmental Flows Director, Nature Conservancy 
Guillermo Mendoza 2002 Ph.D. Recession flow analysis, local knowledge of hydrology and shared vision water resource management in a semi-arid basin of the mixteca highlands in Oaxaca, Mexico Steenhuis Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers
Nicole Sclesinger 2002 M.Eng. MF Walter
Brendan Schulte 2002 M.P.S. Steenhuis
Adam Marshal 2002 M.Eng. Design of Zero-exchange recirculating shrimp system Parlange
Vishal Mehta 2001 M.S. Application of a GIS-based distributed model to two catskills watersheds MF Walter
Natalia Peranginangin 2001 M.S. River basin in transition : a case of Singkarak-Ombilin River basin Steenhuis Scientist, Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc 
Young-Jin Kim 2001 M.S. Development and comparison of Savanna ecosystem models to explore the concept of carrying capacity Steenhuis Env. Sci. Division, Oak Ridge National Lab/Assistant Professor University of Korea
Mark Johnson 2001 M.S. Application of two hydrologic models with different runoff mechanisms to a hillslope dominated watershed in the Northeastern U.S.: A Comparison of HSPF and SMR Steenhuis Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Pierre Gerard-Marchant 2001 Postdoctoral Associate
Christophe  Darnault 2000 Ph.D. Preferential flow and transport of contaminants through vadoze zone Steenhuis Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Mutsa Masiyandima 2000 Ph.D. Hydrology of small agricultural watersheds in the Guinea Savanna Zone of West Africa Steenhuis Hydrologist, IWMI
Tim Bauters 1999 Ph.D. Preferential flow in water repellent and moist sands Steenhuis Director of Qualit, Tenax Corp., Baltimore
Brian Richards 1999 Ph.D. Trace metal mobility from land-applied sludge products Steenhuis Senior Research Associate, Cornell University 
Jennifer Chen 1999 M.S. Phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater using wollastonite tailings in constructed wetlands Steenhuis Engineer, Malcolm Pirnie, Fair Lawn, NJ
Susan Shearer 1999 M.S. Colloidal Transport of Heavy Metals via Preferential Flow Paths Steenhuis Engineering Consultant, ThermoRetec
Wen-Ling Kuo 1998 Ph.D. Spatial and temporal analysis of soil water and nitrogen distribution inundulating landscapes using a Gis-Based model Steenhuis
Gedara Godaliyadda 1998 Ph.D. Typology for irrigation system operation generic approach and application in Sri Lanka Parlange Deputy Direction of Irrigation and Head, Irrigation Training Institute, Galgamuwa, Sri Lanka
Susumu Ogawa 1998 Ph.D. Fractal geometry of preferential flow pathways in field soils Parlange Associate Professor, Rissho University, Fac of Geo-environmental, Saitama, Japan
Christopher Scott 1998 Ph.D. Hydrology of phosphorus transport in watersheds of mixed agricultural and forest land use MF Walter Associate Professor, University of Arizona 
David Chandler 1998 Ph.D. Anthropogenic effects on hydrology and soil movement in tropical calcareous uplands MF Walter Assistant Professor, Plants, Soils and Biometereology, Utah State University/Washington University
Alexis Marrone 1998 M.Eng. The analysis and design of a commercial wastewater leachfield system. MF Walter/Timmons
Mike Roberts 1998 M.S. Physical and Socioeconomic Impact of Groundwater Irrigation in the Combodian Mekong Delta Steenhuis International Development Enterprise, Cambodia
Po-Chin Lee 1998 M.P.S. Steenhuis Professor - Taiwan
Charles Brush 1997 Ph.D. Surface and transport properties of Crytosporidium parvum oocysts MF Walter Engineer, California Department of Water Resources 
Matthew Wilkinson 1997 MPS Utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) to locate and predict potential streambank erosion in the Six Mile Creek Watershed MF Walter
Wen-Lu Chao 1997 M.S. Analysis of the movement of wetting and nonwetting fluids in homogeneous porous media Parlange
Andrea Brooks 1997 M.S. Phosphorus removal by wollastonite : a constructed wetland substrate Steenhuis Environmental Engineer, Terragraphics Env. Eng. Inc., Moscow, ID
Ray Liu 1997 M.S. A Comparison of the Exact Solution and Tme Compression Approximation Solution for Constant Diffusion Parlange
Kirk Weiler 1996 M.S. Capillary barrier effects on moisture and solute movement in a flood plain soil Steenhuis Math Teacher, Arlington High School, Lagrangeville, NY
Jane Frankenburger 1996 Ph.D. Identification of critical runoff generating areas using a variable source area model MF Walter Professor, Purdue University 
Ellen Rymshaw 1996 Ph.D. Factors influencing adoption of soil conservation practices : a case study in the Venezuelan Andes MF Walter Doctors Without Borders
Xiaodong Xin 1996 M.S. Surface flow and the dispersion and transport of pollutants MF Walter Software Developer, Hypercom
Keisha Rutland 1996 M.Eng. Steenhuis Environmental Engr, Sunoco
Jan Boll 1995 Ph.D. Methods and tools for sampling the vadose zone Steenhuis Professor, University of Idaho 
Kelly Johnson 1995 MPS Delineation of critical management zones for use in the New York City Watershed Project. MF Walter
Peter Robinson 1995 M.S. History of GoinrŽ : a 51 hectare gravity irrigation system in the Sahel MF Walter AriCare, Malawi
Awa Busia 1995 Ph.D. Investigating a non invasive electromagnetic induction (EM) technique to improve soil and water quality monitoring : case of lateritic soils Steenhuis World Bank, Washington DC
John Phillips 1995 M.Eng. Preferential flow paths in wettable and nonwettable folf course putting green soil profiles Steenhuis Dept of Labor, OSHA
Bruce Pivetz 1994 Ph.D. Effect of macropores on biodegradation of organic chemicals during preferential transport through heterogeneous soil columns Steenhuis Shaw Environmental
Nick van de Giesen 1994 Ph.D. Agricultural development of wet upland valleys (marais) in Rwanda, Africa Steenhuis Professor and Chair, Delft University of Technology
James Zollweg 1994 Ph.D. Effective use of geographic information systems for rainfall-runoff modeling Steenhuis Associate Professor, SUNY Brockport 
Marc Andreini 1993 Ph.D. Management of irrigation systems in the dambos of Zimbabwe Steenhuis Senior Researcher/Water Advisor, IWMI 
Yih-Chi Tan 1993 Ph.D. Theoretical and experimental studies of layered aquifers Parlange
Mariann Bischoff 1993 M.S. Water resource development in the West Bank and its influence on Palestinian women's agricultural work MF Walter
William Sanford 1992 Ph.D. Hillslope drainage : theory and application to laboratory experiments and rock-reed filters Parlange Associate Professor, Colorado State University/Oak Ridge National Lab
Yaping Liu 1992 Ph.D. Hysteretic nature of water content and pressure in fingered flow in unsaturated sandy soils Parlange
Kanchan Basnet 1992 M.S. Conjunctive use of ground and surface water for irrigation : case study of an irrigation system in the Terai of Nepal MF Walter
Moya Tolentino 1992 Ph.D. Crop diversification and cropping systems flexibility in two Philippine rice-based irrigation systems MF Walter Inst. Env Sci and Meteorlogy, Univ of Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Ellen Rymshaw 1992 M.S. Effects of manure composting on surface and sub-surface waters : a characterization of compost leachate and runoff MF Walter Doctors Without Borders
Thomas Murray 1992 M.S. Evaluating Lip-Level Spreader Vegetative Filter Strips in Removing Phosphorous from Milkhouse Water in New York City's Water Supply Watershed Steenhuis
John Selker 1991 Ph.D. Unstable wetting in homogeneous soils under continuous infiltration Steenhuis Professor, Oregon State University 
Jeffrey Inferrera 1991 M.S. Feasibility study of a single borehole probe to measure groundwater velocity and direction Parlange
Robert Johnson 1991 Ph.D. Latent groundwater demand in Pakistan's Punjab : theory and applications MF Walter Geohydrologist, Argonne National Lab
Christopher Scott 1991 M.S. Local-state collaboration for Himalayan resource rehabilitation : engendering equity in the commons MF Walter
Roy Steiner 1991 Ph.D. Analysis of water distribution strategies using the irrigation land management simulation model MF Walter See MS entry
James Zollweg 1991 MPS Design and implementation of a weir for stream flow measurement MF Walter Associate Professor, SUNY Brockport
Nathaniel Bailey 1990 Ph.D. Solute flux into porous cup samplers near the water table Steenhuis Mass. Water Resources Auth., Charleston Naval Yeard, Boston, MA
Nigel Pickering 1990 Ph.D. Effects of salinity and irrigation stress on the production and water relations of Vitus vinifera L., var. Ribier grown in the tropics Steenhuis Dept. Agr. Eng, Univ of Florida
James Hagerman 1990 M.S. Steenhuis
Christopher Wensley 1989 Ph.D. Irrigation rehabilitation : a comparative study of physical facilities and hydraulic conditions in three Philippine irrigation systems MF Walter See MS entry
Roy Steiner 1988 M.S. Operational typologies for gravity irrigation systems MF Walter
Robert Glass 1988 Ph.D. Wetting front instability in layered unsaturated porous media Steenhuis Senior Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories 
Ray Norman 1988 Ph.D. Irrigation water management in small systems of Niger, West Africa MF Walter Dean, Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Octavio Reis-Neto 1988 M. Eng. Computer model for design of pressurized system MF Walter